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    DC Showcase: The Losers
    The legendary rag-tag team of World War II outcasts – Captain Storm, Johnny Cloud, “Mile-a Minute” Jones, rookie Gunner and Sarge – find themselves marooned on an uncharted island in the South Pacific that is completely overrun with dinosaurs! Their would-be ally on this deadly mission, the mysterious and beautiful Fan Long of the Chinese Security Agency, tells them their job is to rescue the scientists that have been sent to study the time/space anomaly. Perhaps… but what is her mission?



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    Weitere Details

    Genre: Kinofilme / Action / Animation / Abenteuer / Science-Fiction
    Das Land: Vereinigte Staaten
    Regisseur: Milo Neuman
    Schauspieler: Ming-Na Wen, Eugene Byrd, Dave B. Mitchell, Martin Sensmeier, Dean Winters
    Auflösung: HD

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    DC Showcase: The Losers
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